The aims of the Foundation are to provide financial aid in the pursuit of the following goals:

  • To support individuals, institutions, initiatives or events which contribute to a greater spirit of tolerance in the world.
  • To support deserving university students who lack the necessary financial means to continue their studies.
  • To promote the conditions for particularly disadvantaged people to be self-sufficient in a cultural, social and economic sense and, in the same spirit, to provide help for humanitarian institutions, preferably through practical projects.

In allocating grants and designating beneficiaries, the Foundation gives priority to:

  • cultural institutions, public or private, which aim to spread a spirit of peace, friendship, tolerance, understanding and international cooperation among different cultures
  • practical projects, preferably in developing Mediterranean countries
  • projects that focus on children and the advancement of the condition of women
  • literacy and health care projects for the most disadvantaged sections of society

The Board may allocate grants both as an incentive and as a reward, and participate in other projects pertaining to science, literature, history, culture, medicine, sport and social matters.

Projects must :

  • be monitored by institutions that know the terrain and that are capable of managing and realising them in a satisfactory manner.
  • have a real impact on the beneficiaries.
  • mobilise the beneficiaries in such a way that, through the successful implementation of the project, they are made aware of their own responsibility in the improvement of their situation.

The Foundation works alongside other similar organisations in the joint sponsorship of projects.